The Brand
We are located in beautiful Southern California. Here at PoE Speed we offer OEM/ODM manufacturer
products and PoE switches. Currently, we are offering our 8-port PoE switch, model nuumber PS-
POE18P. We are in our growing phases and are already in production for many other PoE products,
IP/analog systems, and network cable. Our parent company is, which was established in
1997. With this, we can offer and source many other IT and Telecom products. We have three main
focuses, 100% customer satisfaction, superior pricing, and offer a promise on our build quality. We are
looking forward to providing all our partners and customers with a product at a price, that no other
company can compete with.
PoE Speed was founded in 2020. With our parent company, Inc. we give 24 years of
experience of excellent customer service. Along with having a friendly sales staff and tech support staff
to further assist you.

Telephone: (714) 536-4550
15620 Harbor Blvd., Unit A, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm